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About Bhumi, Journal of Land and Agrarian Studies

BHUMI: Jurnal Agaria dan Pertanahan (JB) ISSN 2580-2151 (media online) published by the Center of Research and Community Empowerement of National Land College, Yogyakarta. JB published through peer-reviewed periodically 2 times a year, provide understanding of past, present and future of agrarian and land issues.Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. Then, the articles will be sent to the Mitra Bebestari/ peer reviewer and will go to the next selection by Blind Preview Process. After that, the articles will be returned to the authors to revise. The journal topics ranged on land and agrarian issues, such as agrarian change and restructurization, political economy of agrarian resources, agrarian policy, land use change and planning, measurement and mapping, land management, land administration, natural resource-based development, legal reform, as well as broad perspective of “the commons” studies. 

Jurnal BHUMI expect articles that are able to encourages debate, controversy, findings and new understanding, in the form of original research results, research study, reviews of theories/concepts, research notes/policies, as well as book reviews on agrarian and land.


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JB Volume 5 No 1 Mei 2019  
Posted: 2019-05-23

Akreditasi dan Indeksasi Internasional Jurnal Bhumi

Jurnal Bhumi telah terakreditasi nasional oleh Kementerian Riset Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi  
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