Isabela Candrakirana(1*), Oloan Sitorus(2), Widhiana Hestining Puri(3)

(1) Staf Kanwil BPN RI Provinsi Lampung
(2) Dosen STPN
(3) Dosen STPN
(*) Corresponding Author


Land Consolidation (LC) is land policy concerning settlement return the domination and land use as efforts of land
acquisition for development interest, to enhance the environment quality and preservation of natural resources by actively
involving the community participation. In this case government needn’t to provide compensation with a very large fund due the
principles used in LC is building without displacing. The LC participants provide Land Contribution for the Development (STUP)
that will be used for public and social facility and for the KT implementation fund. KT that mostly conducted in Indonesia is Urban
Land Consolidation (ULC) namely LC which carried out in urban or outskirt. Several countries have implemented this in handling
land acquisition and arrangement issues, such as Japan, Germany and Thailand. This study using case study’s approach which aim
to get the comprehensive knowledge about KTP. The ULC is a program that upholds the justice and participatory principle. The
community will receive a decent environment completed with public and social facility, in addition the community is also asked to
directly involve in the activity process start from its planning up to development. Beside that others various public facility which
usually obtained by land acquisition can be fulfilled by the community participation in ULC.

Key Words: Urban Land Consolidation, Land Acquisition, Public Interest



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31292/jb.v0i40.196

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